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Make Your Own Yeast Free Ketchup

Ketchup. The most popular condiment found on our dinner table. A staple of fast food restaurants and homes alike. A flavour so popular it makes around 1.5 Billion a year in profit. But for those of us who are yeast intolerant, ketchup is a 'no go' food. All commercial...

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How To Make Fluoride Free Toothpaste – Grok Wellness

Home Made Fluoride Free Toothpaste Not too long ago I took a stab at making my own fluoride free toothpaste, with great results. It couldn't have been simpler. I put the video up on my Health Hacks page. The basic ingredients consist of three things: Coconut oil,...

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Find Your Fight

For many years I was a lost soul and had no direction in life, I served no purpose. I allowed life to pass me by. There were many a wasted year pursuing unhealthy practises, numbing my brain with whatever I could get my hands on (you know what I’m talking about), and...

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