“Nick Edwards has an insatiable appetite for knowledge. He has always got his nose buried in some book. He never stops learning!”

Nick Edwards – PT/KBI/Author

Nick is a family man with a loving wife and gorgeous baby daughter. He is a former smoker, drinker and obesity sufferer who, back in 2002, became sick of feeling sick. At his heaviest, when he was 21, he weighed 18 stone (115kg). His ideal weight for his size was just 12 stone (76kg) so he knew he had a problem.

Through his desire to get well, he developed an insatiable appetite for reading health and wellness books and incorporated healthy lifestyle changes, transforming his life completely, losing 6 stone (36kg) in weight in just 9 months and discovering what it really meant to be strong, fit and healthy.

Personal Trainer/Kettlebell Instructor

This lifestyle change sparked a new found enthusiasm for health and fitness and he undertook a lengthy personal training course with the renowned YMCAfit in London where he passed with flying colours and became a qualified level 3 personal trainer.

He was then inspired to pursue a qualification in the ancient skill of kettlebell lifting and went on to become a fully qualified kettlebell instructor with the London Kettlebell Academy which sparked a new found enthusiasm for kettlebell training and all things relating to functional fitness.

Understanding that good health is directly related to gut health and nutrition, Nick started feverishly devouring nutritional books, attending seminars and immersing himself in the world of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. He became an advocate for holistic living, believing that the body needs natural remedies instead of the typical and all too common alopathic pharmaceutical approach to health & wellness.

In holistic living Nick found his calling. He has since gone on to study the role of essential oils for our everyday health needs and he’s currently learning about the lymphatic system for deep detox protocols and general healthcare.

Personal Development

As if that weren’t enough, Nick then started devouring the works of Napoleon Hill, Allen James, Tony Robbins, Dr Steven R Covey, and Alan Watts, experts in the power of the mind and human behaviour. Nick sees how having a negative mindset can prevent you from achieving anything you want from life and that the people who train their brains to look for the positive and who really visualise their wants and needs are the ones who achieve greatness and realise their desires.

His message throughout GrokWellness is very much geared towards positive mental thinking and high clarity goal setting. Nick is the author of the goal setting book ‘Grok your Goals’.

GDYi Diet

In early 2016 Nick was diagnosed as suffering from Gluten, Dairy & Yeast intolerance. He had always felt that there was something wrong but he couldn’t quite pinpoint it. The following months led him up the proverbial garden path as he found so many intolerence diets on the internet but none specifically dealt with gluten, dairy & yeast intolerance.

The candida diet and paleo diet were close but neither really got to the specific issues Nick was suffering from. So he took it upon himself to combine the good elements of these diets and then fill in the blanks himself. The GDYi Diet (Gluten Dairy Yeast Intolerance) was born.

Fat Loss Plan

Nicks ‘7 Days 7 Ways To Slim & Sexy Abs‘ downloadable fat loss plan continues to make waves in the fat loss industry, helping people to reach their fat loss goals and maintain their ideal weight for a lifetime.

By combining his strength and fitness knowledge from personal training, and all that he has learned about intolerance specific nutrition, holistic lifestyle practises and the power of the mind, Nick established a new movement in personal development and holistic living called GrokWellness.com.